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The journey towards a more sustainable future starts today.

Planet Us is a multi platform campaign to boost awareness of environmental sustainability among youth in Malaysia. Through a series of online and offline programs throughout the year and across Malaysia, our goal is to educate and inspire positive change.

This program aims to meet these 3 objectives:

Increase environment sustainability literacy

Encourage positive change
and habits

Implement solutions towards environmental change

This project is developed by the Biji-biji Initiative and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

Learn: Environmental Sustainability


Ensuring environmental sustainability through our responsible use of natural resources, and mindful impact on environmental systems.

Sustainable land clearing
Malaysia is committed to implementing Sustainable Forest Management. While a large proportion of our land cover is devoted to the palm oil industry, that supports more than 2 million jobs, we must ensure that palm oil can be managed through sustainable practices.

In Sabah, the state is looking to ensure the palm oil industry can be more sustainable. This decade-long initiative will ensure that all growers adopt ethical standards and are certified as sustainable producers by 2025.

Reforestation that contributes to conservation
Planting trees to contribute to growing the size of our forests, which creates carbon sinks (areas that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), has long been a method to preserve and enhance our natural ecosystems.

Although there are certain standards that ensure we can do this effectively in the long-term, there is a growing need to ramp up reforestation efforts as a relatively affordable solution to contributing to a greener, healthier planet.


Protecting environmental resources and systems from our activities, keeping it in its most natural and pristine state.

Protection from flood and monsoons
The majority of Malaysia with settlement is in low-lying flood-prone areas. With the recent heavy rains, flash floods and monsoons in the past year, it is evident more than ever that flood management is key to preserving our natural resources and ecosystems.

Flooding, labelled a natural disaster risk to biodiversity, impacts land and soil stability, forest cover quality, and aquatic ecosystems. In protecting nature, most solutions make use of two-way benefits: natural systems protecting us from floods, and us protecting natural systems from floods through policy.

NGOs driving community efforts for preservation

Malaysians have always been passionate and driven to enabling nature preservation. There are multiple NGOs across the country, specializing in different ecosystems (land and sea) and even different species, leveraging community spirit, and collaborating to driving societal change and advocacy.

Notably, NGOs receive recognition for their efforts, such as the acclaimed Hornbill Awards, and support from international investors and environmental bodies too.


Leveraging technology and research to contribute to solving our environmental challenges and creating opportunities for a better climate.

Smart farming with Internet of Things
The advancements of technology have opened opportunities for better, cleaner, responsible farming. The Internet of Things gives us access to data for analytics that can improve our yields, tractors can have smart-controlled gearing that reduces soil erosion and limits emissions, and drones can help us monitor our agricultural practices remotely.

In Malaysia, technology such as automated and systemized fertilizer called fertigation enables all-around plant health and sustenance. This contributes to agrilcultural practices and how we are able to ensure sustainable food for our communities.

Recycling plastics for the future

The composition of plastics have often made most recycling programmes unsuccessful or not widespread because of the different plastic materials we need to consider.

However, big companies now have invested in research and development to provide more solutions to our plastic recycling issues. One such example, removes the contaminants, odor, and colour from used plastics to leave behind a reusable plastic resin. These were used in packaging shampoos and even to build recycled plastic shower heads.

Play to learn

Explore familiar sights of Malaysia to help sustain our environment. Learn tips and even contribute to the cause.

Take a Pledge by volunteering with one (or more) of our community partners

Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

Save the planet, one turtle at a time with the turtle conservation society of Malaysia

Join our hub for updates on workshops you can join


Less talk - more action!

As part of getting you and your community together on this journey we’ll be setting up exciting exhibitions in multiple states for us to give you the tools, practical skills and the information you need to get you equipped as sustainable leaders of our future. We’ve planned for interactive games, learning sessions and even have an AR booth lined up for a fully immersive experience.

Community action and sustainability fall hand in hand, it’s a collective effort that we all have a role to play in for a better future. Small acts individually amount to great community impact, so join us to bring like minded greenies-of-the-future together under one roof, fighting together for one cause.

We will have six exhibitions across Malaysia that you can visit

Closing the Loop

Are you ready to make your mark as a sustainable change agent where you study? This is our chance to turn an environmental challenge into an environmental opportunity.

We spend most of our time in school and university and there is no better way to start your sustainability journey than by creating an impact here. Collaborate with your mates on a project that upcycles – transforming waste into something new, purposeful and exciting.

Enter your project into our “Closing the Loop’ competition for a chance to receive a microgrant that can scale it up to bigger and better impact! Three winners will be eligible for receiving this microgrant, chosen by an expert panel of judges including industry and environmental experts. The panel will be assessing project entries based on creativity, project impact, outcome, outreach and efficient use of resources. 

Projects can be submitted in any of these three categories:

design-thinking 1
Functional product design
frame 1Frame
Contemporary Art design
Community engagement programs

Game Changers

The US has developed policies, acts, and legislation to protect its environment from the many ways in which it can be impacted. Read more about the environmental sustainability policies in the US that exemplify leading policy action for sustainability.


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