Beyond Bins

Say NO to plastics with beyond bins!

Beyond Bins is Biji-Biji Initiative’s flagship project that strives for a sustainable and circular economy by giving waste a newfound value while promoting alternative sources of income to underprivileged communities

Statistics/background information

The most common types of litter in our streets and sidewalks are plastic bags, bottles, and utensils. Not only do they pollute our neighbourhoods, but they also kill fish, birds, and other species when they are carried from land to sea by wind, rain, and streams. Ecosystems are also affected due to plastic bags that have not been disposed of properly

Why should you pledge?

According to a study done in 2019, Malaysia was ranked as the 8th worst country in managing plastic waste ad the 5th largest global public polluter of the oceans. As Malaysians, we need to change our habits and learn to treat our environment better to not just help the animal species and keep our jungles alive, but also ensure a cleaner future for our future generations. The need for a greener future begins with us.

What are you pledging to?

I pledge to:

  1. Bring my reusable shopping bags and refuse plastic bags.
  2. Refuse single-use plastic items offered to me
  3. Recycling plastics whenever possible
  4. Encourage my friends and family to reduce their plastic consumption