Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

Save the planet, one turtle at a time with the turtle conservation society of Malaysia

The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia is the first non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to conserving freshwater turtles in Malaysia. The society aims to bring about the recovery of depleted wild populations of turtles, with particular reference to freshwater turtles, in Malaysia through partnerships with like-minded organizations, individuals and local communities as well as through its programmes.

Statistics/background Information

Freshwater turtles can be found in Peninsular Malaysia in 18 different species. However, due to various dangers, the majority of them are currently endangered. Pollution of rivers and lakes by industrial and agricultural activities is one of the biggest challenges. There’s also the risk of hazardous fishing gear in addition to being a victim of poaching for pet trade, Turtle egg consumption has also historically led to a significant decline in turtle species numbers and local populations.

Why you should pledge?

For conservation to be a success, it can’t just rely on improving targets for population statistics. This is the reason why influence from local communities is crucial to the ecosystem. It is to have people change their motives, and behaviour for a conservation plan to succeed. On top of that, it is also important to educate them on why turtle poaching is not just harmful to the ecosystem but also to their community if it doesn’t stop now. While we have various professionals doing their part conserving the turtles via the scientific approach, we should play a part and help the cause as well!

What are you pledging to?

I pledge to:

  1. Educate myself on the significance of our critically endangered River terrapin.
  2. Try to contribute to turtle conservation to help out on their mission.
  3. Try volunteering at turtle conservation to learn more about them.
  4. Educate my friends and family on the importance of turtle conservation.